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Are you interested in speaking at an event or podcast?

Speaking is something that is really daunting for me, but I love when I'm there and I always get really caught up if the subject is design. Heck, throw me an email and let's talk a little bit.

What qualifies you to be a digital product designer?

My first contact with digital product design was in a subject called HCI — Human Computer Interaction — in an add-on year I did in Dundalk Institute of Technology and since then it has always really interested me. I first got the chance to work on real projects when I was interning and managed a full mobile app MVP for a company in the health industry over a weekend. It proved to myself I could really do something with this skill I had and it's what, at the time, pushed me to pursue more courses, more projects and invest in this career. Furthermore here's my academic path:

I got a really cool project idea, if you like it can you help us? You'll get visibility!

If you are looking for a collaboration send me an email and let's see how together we can build something awesome!

How can you work in a product being remote?

The trick is to have the right tools for the right contexts. In certain scenarios I do fly in to work in loco. There is plenty of information on this subject on the internet but just look at this really interesting article about the state of remote work.